Thursday, 9 August 2012

As promised (and in celebration of the fact that MaoYuu is being animated by Spice&Wolf staff), some Schwarz-related news:

All three books have been acquired, and are being scanned. Once we figure out how to actually do that efficiently, it should be only a short while before actual translation starts (with luck, around Obon). Either way, it's progress.

Friday, 3 August 2012

For all of you FMP people still following, here's a treat, courtesy of a dedicated fan - Moonfaerie24: all of the novels formatted and edited, translation cleaned up and finally made enjoyable to read (in the case of earlier translations).

I'm storing them on the Google Drive (as with all others), so hopefully they're in no danger of being wiped out together with whatever sharing service would be hosting them.

04 Ending Day By Day p1
05 Ending Day By Day p2
06 A Dancing Very Merry Christmas
07 Continuing On My Own
08 Burning One Man Force
09 Come Make My Day
10 Approaching Nick Of Time
11 Always Stand By Me p1
12 Always Stand By Me p2

Also, Schwarzesmarken news coming soon. All I can say for now is, hopefully we can continue the translations within a couple weeks.

Upd: fixed links.

Upd2: As a bonus, here's a short story I found randomly sitting in my notes somewhere. Might not be polished, but I figured that it's better to release it anyway. I completely forgot about it, and really, it's worth the couple minutes you'll spend on it - Mao is brilliant (I swear, no trolling, I translated things as they were).

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

MLA Schwarzesmarken (first part)

Yeeah! Translated the first part of the first novel of MuvLuv Alternative's Schwarzesmarken series, originally published in the Tech Gian magazine. It's short, yes, but it's all I have.

Plain text version (alternate link)
Elite version (with pictures) (alternate link)

Have fun, spread the word.

Hopefully (ahem, ahem) scans of the rest of the book (and other books) will surface soon...

Also, up for a meaningful (that is, one that can be easily shared with other people) translation of, say, Alternative Chronicles? ITH seems to work on them, so the translation itself would be less of a problem, really, than figuring out a way to make it user-friendly. But then I don't know much about that stuff, I just like working with the text, so these are tentative musings.

Edit: added Dropbox links for those having problems with Google Drive for some reason.

Gunshow Translations opens its new public venue!

World-famous translation atelier, winner of the National Translation Award and Noma Award of 2077, announces the opening of its new public venue, fully powered by our benevolent and beloved internet overlords at Google Inc.

...But enough with the yapping.
Reuploaded here are all the previous translations, which have found a more permanent place to reside thanks to Google Drive (use the menu on the linked page, File > Save to download your own copy).

FMP! Side Arms 2 (text only version)
FMP! Side Arms 2 Elite (with pictures)
FMP! Always stand by me p1
FMP! Always stand by me p2